About Us

We are a people-first company that focuses on creating products and experiences that bring to life the connection between nature and society. Over 5 decades we have followed this core philosophy for creating category-defining products in the FMCG sector and today our name is synonymous with high-quality products, credible service and mindful innovations. At EGreens, we use our expertise and zeal to create thoughtful products and unique experiences that add more ease, convenience, and value to the lives of our customers. Bringing together new-age technology and in-depth human insights, we are constantly redefining the FMCG sector by establishing brands that stand for transparency, genuine practices, and community-friendly ideas. Every venture of ours is aimed at enriching consumers’ experiences and lives at every level.

Adding Value and Convenience


Inspired by nature our mission is to improve the quality of life of our customers by adding better value and convenience to their day-to-day experiences and interactions through our products and services.

Bringing Environment and People Together


We are committed to bringing the environment and people together in a seamless interactive journey that is more experiential than transactional. The foundation of this vision is formed by our 3 important pillars – product quality, smart pricing, and insightful innovations.


VegEase – A future-ready fruits & vegetable buying experience that blends tech with tradition. It uses advanced supply logistics to send unique carts carrying farm-fresh fruits & veggies to the doorstep of customers at the time of their convenience. These Carts allow the customer to handpick the products in a hassle-free and effortless manner. It is a shopping experience that enriches the lives of our customers by adding more value to their time and money.

Opportunities for you

Become a part of our incredible journey and move forward with us. What awaits you at EGreens is a dynamic and motivating environment that thrives on ideas, innovations and the will to shape the future now. If you are interested in reinventing customer experiences and creating unique products, come join us at EGreens. To know more, contact us.

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